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Fish and Seafood - Recipes and Information about Grilling Seafood

Recipes, Resources and information for grilling and smoking fish and seafood. From smoked salmon to grilled crab this is where you'll find out how to cook anything from under the sea in your backyard.
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About Fish - Real fire, real smoke - that's how to cook fish
No matter what kind of fish you have the place to cook it is either on the grill or in the smoker. Real smoke flavor, real fire are the two ingredients fish needs to be a great meal. But to really know how to do it right you need to get all the information together so you can get started.

Fish: Grilling - Hot and fast, the best way to cook fish
Fish, more than most foods really benefits from the hot and fast cooking of the grill. The secret is to let the grill do the work and not to touch the fish any more than you have to. Fish benefits from flavors, but doesnt need long marinating times so grilled fish is a great, quick meal.

Fish on a Plank - Grill fish on a wooden plank for ease and flavor
Plank grilling is one of the best ways to cook fish, whether it is whole, fillets of steaks. The wood plank, usually cedar, gives you a platform to hold the fish together and make the grilling easier, while the smoke generated by the smoldering wood adds a great smoky flavor to the fish. This method has been used for centuries and has recently...

Grilling Trout - Quick and easy, a fish meant for the fire
Quickly becoming one of the most popular fish, trout is perfect for the grill because of its size and because it takes so well to the flavor of smoke. Trout, whether in fillets of whole can be grilled quickly and easily by even the least experienced griller.

Making a Halibut Packet
Packet cooking is a great way to grill almost anything and a perfect way to prepare a whole dish all at once. These simple Halibut packets will hold the fish together while providing loads of flavor. The secret is to prepare individual servings and grill them quickly. You can prepare these ahead of time and freeze them or simply arrange the...

Sea Bass - A wide variety of fish, perfect for the grill
Sea Bass is actually a loosely related family of fish that are perfect on the grill and perfect in any dish. Use Sea Bass as the fish equivalent of chicken breast in tacos and on salads.

Grilling Tuna
Tuna is one of the most popular and versatile fish on the market. If you buy good quality tuna you don’t even need to cook it. Of course grilling adds flavor and texture to fish, so get your grill good and hot and learn how to grill tuna the best way for you tastes.

Shrimp - Half of what makes them great is the Grilling
The secret to great grilled shrimp is more than just the grilling. Prepare shrimp right, then grill to perfection, but dont overcook. The biggest mistake people make with grilling shrimp is grilling too long.

Grilling Fish in Leaves
From Mexico to Greece to the Orient the best way to cook a fish is wrapped in leaves over a fire. It’s easier than it sounds, so why not give it a try. It also makes for great presentation.

Fish: The Basics
Fish provide an endless numbr of possibilities for the outdoor cook. Grilling is fast and easy if you follow a few simple rules. Smoking leads to a heavenly meal.

Red Snapper
Red Snapper is a great fish for grilling. The firm texture and nutty flavor make it great for many recipes. This fish will take many flavors from hot and spicy to sweet and succulent. Grill it either in fillets or whole for a great fish meal.

Summertime on the beach, in the back yard or most anywhere you can start a fire.

Fish: Smoking
A complete guide to smoking fish.

Grilling Shellfish
From Lobster to Calamari, the way to cook shellfish is over a hot fire. Learn the tricks to making the most of Shellfish.

Readily available, easy to grill and the perfect fish for thousands of recipes. Halibut is truly the one fish you need to know how to grill right.

Smoked Salmon
Hot Smoked Salmon is not what you expect but it is a wonderful dish as an appetizer or main dish. Get the tricks you need to know to smoked salmon in you backyard with a smoker or a grill (gas or charcoal).

Smoked Trout
Smoked trout is an easy and quick meal or the perfect ingredient in everything from sandwiches to dips. Start with a simple salt water brine then smoke these small fish for as little as 2 hours to give them the perfect smoky fish flavor.

A great fish from Africa, now available around the World. Tilapia is the first fish to be farmed in ancient times. Now Tilapia farms are all over and you can find this great fish that is both meaty and flavorful most everywhere and for a good price.

How to Smoke Fish
Smoking fish can be easy if you follow some basic steps. All you need is a smoker, fuel and some fish. Once you have the basics of smoking fish down you will find that there is so much you can do with a smoked fish from meals to appetizers to dips and spreads.

Marinating Fish and Seafood
Even tender foods like fish and seafood can benefit from a good marinade. Marinades keep fish and seafood from drying out and the oil in the...

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