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Custom Grills

From homemade grills to full function custom outdoor kitchens to quick and easy grill islands, learn how to get the perfect grill for you. Custom Grills not only give you exactly what you want but add value to your home.
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Building a Backyard Barbecue
My article on building grills and smoker in your backyard with links to further information.

Custom Grills
Building your own custom grill, whether gas or charcoal, will give you the exact grill you want. Find out if you want a gas grill insert or a custom charcoal cooking grate. Then plan to fit your yard and house before you start building the perfect grill that’s just right for you.

Grill Islands
Grill Islands are prefabricated units that give you grill and backyard a professional look. Ranging from simple enclosures for your grill to whole backyard kitchens with sinks and refrigerators, these units are the new big thing in backyard cooking.

Barbecues - Quikrete
Barbecue plans and information from the concrete people. This is an excellent resource for all your masonry needs. Even if you don't go with the plans at least look at the concrete information.

Big John Grills
A wide range of custom grill, smoker, and outdoor fireplace enclosures in a variety of materials and finishes.

Brick Barbecue Plans
From the DIY Network, plans for construction of a brick charcoal grill. This is a basic design, but easy to build and with a variety of cooking grate placements.

Build your own Texas Grill
If you know how to weld these very detailed plans will help you build a Texas style barrel grill.

Fire Magic Grills
60 years of making grills and they still do a good job. Built-in's with all the features.

Kalamazoo Grills Outdoor Kitchen Ideas
Plans and ideas for construction of outdoor kitchens from Kalamazoo Grills.

Outdoor Kitchen Plans
Plans and ideas for outdoor kitchen and entertainment spaces from the DIY Network.

Weber Built-in's
Now you can have a Weber grill built-in right into you patio.

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