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Competitions - Ready for the big time? Here's where you can prove it

Ready for the big time? Here's where you can prove it or at least find the best real barbecue in the world. From the little, local competitions to the world class, invitational barbecue cook-offs. These competitions are a great place to learn more about barbecue.

Memphis In May World Championship Barbecue Competition 2010
There is no other barbecue competition like Memphis in May. In 2010 over 250 gathered to compete in this truly unique competition. the Memphis in May Barbecue Competition is really 4 competitions in one since each team can only compete in one of four categories. The pork shoulder, whole hog, and rib competitions come with the chance of winning the grand championship.

American Royal
The biggest competition in the world of Barbecue, Kansas City, Missouri.

Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-Off
Standley White has put together some great information about this competition. Best is the West is a five day festival ending on Labor Day and includes some of the best ribs in the world. Also check out Stan's gallery of pictures from this event

Memphis In May
One of the biggest BBQ competitions in the world, Memphis, TN.

New Hampshire BBQ Championship
New England BBQ Societies big event in the north. Will this and you get invited to American Royal.

Stillwater Blazathon
Stillwater, Oklahoma April 6-7, 2001. State championship cook-off, KCBS sanctioned. Co-sponsored by Stillwater Elks Lodge and Brinkmann Corporation. Proceeds benefit Judith Karman Hospice.

American Royal BBQ Competition 2010
Over 500 teams gathered this year in Kansas City for the American Royal BBQ Competition. In fact there are two competitions, the Invitational and the Open. With hundreds of teams, judges, vendors, and barbecue fans, this is the biggest gathering in the world of barbecue.

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