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Top 10 Chicken Wing Recipes

The Most Popular and Best Chicken Wings


Chicken Wings are great for any occasion. They are even better when grilled up with all that extra smoky flavor. These chicken wing recipes represent the best and most popular I have. Grill them up as appetizers, snacks or for meals and put them out for the kids or the big game. Chicken wings are quick to cook, easy to prepare and are loaded with flavor making them the perfect chicken piece.

1. Super Smokers Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings

Barbecued Chicken Wings
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These chicken wings are one of the most popular appetizers at Super Smokers BBQ. The sweetness comes from honey and the kick comes from using the hottest, spiciest barbecue sauce your taste buds can handle. You will need apple wood chips and a disposable foil pan for this recipe.

2. Very Best Buffalo Wings

Very Best Buffalo Wings
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These chicken wings take the classic appetizer to a new level with a marinade that keeps them moist and tender. These wings are also full of flavor.

3. Chinese Chicken Wings

Like chicken wings? Try these Chinese-style wings on the barbecue grill for a little variety. Like all great chicken wings, these have a fantastic smoky flavor, but watch them closely when grilling because they cook fast.

4. Grilled Hot Wings

Grilled Hot Wings
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These Buffalo Wings are marinated in a sweet, flavorful marinade that keeps the chicken moist and gives it a great flavor. Heat is provided by a habanero chile that requires care when dicing.

5. Buffalo Wings

A simple recipe for a traditional favorite. These chicken wings are sure to please. Adjust the hot sauce if you want these Buffalo Wings hotter or not.

6. Hot and Spicy Buffalo Wings

This is an easy way to make some great buffalo wings. By boiling the chicken first you keep the chicken moist before it hits the grill to finish off. With a thick coating of hot sauce these will be hot and spicy.

7. Grilled Thai Chicken Wings

You can never have too many chicken wing recipes! Try recipe the next time you have a party. I guarantee that your guests will love it.

8. Don's Wings

"I love hot and spicy food, including buffalo wings, although I don't like chicken wings that are drenched in Tabasco or other bottled sauces. I came up with the below recipe and most people that have tried it at my house really love it." -Don Goates

9. Chicken Wings Diablo

This buffalo chicken wing recipe is loaded with deliciously pungent seasonings. Serve them up at your next cookout or game night.

10. Buffalo Chicken Wings

If you are serious about chicken wings this recipe not only makes a large quantity, but the flavors in this recipe are fantastic.

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