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Chicken Wing Recipes

Whether your looking for traditional Buffalo wings of Asian inspired chicken wings these smoked or grilled recipes will fill your craving.

Top Chicken Wing Recipes
Chicken Wings are great for any occasion. They are even better when grilled up with all that extra smoky flavor. These chicken wing recipes represent the best and most popular I have. Grill them up as appetizers , snacks or for meals and put them out for the kids or the big game. Chicken wings are quick to cook, easy to prepare and are...

Buffalo Chicken Wings
If you are serious about chicken wings this recipe not only makes a lot but the flavors in this recipe are fantastic.

Buffalo Wings
A simple recipe for a traditional favorite. These wings are sure to please.

Carolina Hot Wings
These hot wings are loaded up with that great Carolina style barbecue flavor. Adjust the amount of heat by adding more or less cayenne to the marinade. Grill hot and fast.

Chicken Wings Diablo
A great chicken wing recipe with pungent seasonings.

Chicken Wings with Balsamic Marinade
This tangy chicken wing appetizer is best served with a creamy dressing, such as blue cheese or feta.

Chili-Lime Wings
The BBQ Guru posted this great chicken wing recipe. The combination of the lime juice and chilies gives them a distinctive Southwestern flavor. Remember the longer you marinate the stronger the flavors.

Chinese Chicken Wings
Like Chicken Wings? Try these Chinese style wings for a little variety. Like all great chicken wings, these are grilled to give you that great smoky flavor. Watch them closely while you grill because these cook fast.

Coffee Liqueur Chicken Wings
These great buffalo style wings have a hint of coffee flavor. You can adjust the heat by adding more or less hot sauce.

Don's Wings
"I love hot and spicy food, including buffalo wings, although I don't like chicken wings that are drenched in Tobasco or other bottled sauces. I came up with the below recipe and most people that have tried it at my house really love it." -Don Goates

Grilled Curried Chicken Wings
These grilled wings are sure to please your guests. They are exotic and unique, yet delicious! Try them the next time you have a cookout and see what a hit they will be.

Grilled Hot Wings
These Buffalo Wings are marinated in a sweet, flavorful marinade that keeps the chicken moist and adds a lot of great flavor. Heat is provided by a habanero chile that requires care when dicing.

Grilled Lemon Wings
Even though this is intended as a an appetizer it works equally well with larger pieces of chicken. Thighs and drumsticks are delicious as the lemon flavor penetrates to the bone. Breast meat, perhaps because the pieces are larger or maybe due to the texture of the white meat, doesn’t work nearly as well.

Grilled Thai Chicken Wings
You can never have too many chicken wing recipes! Try recipe the next time you have a party. I guarantee that your guests will love it.

Horseradish Buffalo Wings
These chicken wings have a while different kind of heat. By relying on horseradish instead of hot sauce these wings have a kick that can't be beat. Definately a favorite for any occasion. You can adjust the heat by adding more or less horseradish.

Hot and Spicy Buffalo Wings
This is an easy way to make some great buffalo wings. By boiling the chicken first you keep the chicken moist before it hits the grill to finish off. With a thick coating of hot sauce these will be hot and spicy.

Lisa Udell's Hot Wings
These wings are rubbed down with a good dry rub. No sauce here. You can adjust the heat by changing the amount of cayenne.

New England Buffalo Wings
These hot and spicy chicken wings combine the sweetness of maple syrup with a good hot chili sauce. Of course you can choose a mild sauce it you want, but the hot-sweet flavor is really what makes these wings stand out.

Philly Chicken Wings
These wings get a light frying before they go to the grill. This helps give them a crunch surface. You can step up the heat by adding more red pepper flakes or cayenne to the basting sauce.

Spicy Chicken Wings
These are simple chicken wings, rubbed down with spices to give them some heat. You can adjust the amount of cayenne to vary the heat. Serve with blue cheese dressing and carrot and celery sticks.

Super Smokers Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings
These chicken wings are one of the most popular appetizers at Super Smokers BBQ. The sweetness comes from honey, and the kick comes from using the hottest, spiciest barbecue sauce your taste buds can take. You'll need apple wood chips and a disposable foil pan.

Very Best Buffalo Wings
These chicken wings take the classic appetizer to a new level with a marinade that keeps them moist and tender, while adding a whole lot of flavor.

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