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Grilling Chicken - Step by Step


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Grilled Chicken - What you Need
Grilled Chicken with Barbecue Sauce

Grilled Chicken with Barbecue Sauce

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The advantage of grilling different chicken pieces is that everyone can pick the piece they want. The problem is getting all the pieces grilled perfectly so that everyone is happy. This is one of the reasons many people have switched to grilling only one cut of chicken. Of course, you can choose to go this way and use the information here to help perfect your chicken. I am, however, going to be grilling breasts, thighs, legs and wings and doing them all together; perfectly cooked.

You should start by deciding on a flavor combination for the chicken. I will begin with a good poultry rub, then add barbecue sauce at the end. These are optional, but they do enhance the texture and flavor of the chicken. If you are going this route, have your flavor decisions made before unpacking the meat.

The supplies you will need for this are:

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