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Alabama Barbecue Chicken with White Sauce


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Making Smoke
Adding Wood Chunks on the Fire

Adding Wood Chunks on the Fire

Regarding BBQ Inc.
If your grill allows you to get to the fire once you have the cooking grate in place, you will want to add the wood chunks now. If it is difficult to get to the fire once the grill is loaded, put the chunks on the hot coals right before you put the cooking grate and chicken on. You want to have a steady supply of smoke, but there is no reason to make smoke before the food is on the grill.

Traditionally the wood for Alabama Barbecue is hickory. Of course, you can use whatever you like, but hickory gives the chicken a nice smoky accent without overpowering flavor. For the size of the grill I am using I find that about 5 or 6 large chunks work best. Larger chunks burn longer so it provides a constant smoke. Remember, soak chips, not chunks. Since I am using large chunks I don't need to soak them in water to slow down their burn.

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