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Top 10 Kamado Grills

Best Kamado Grills and Smokers


Kamado Grills claim a legacy going back thousands of years. Typically these are grills/smokers are made of ceramic shells, but at least one is all metal and others use a variety of stone like materials. This gives these charcoal grills excellent insulation, high efficiency, and the ability to hold very high and very low temperatures making them perfect for grilling and smoking. A good Kamado Grill is durable, has good support and quality components. These 10 Kamado Grills range in price from over $500USD to nearly $4,000USD and come in a variety of sizes and colors.

1. Big Green Egg - Large

Bart Everson/Flickr
Big green egg has been producing these Kamado Style grills for decades. This one is the most popular of their models and is big enough to cook one 20-pound turkey. What makes this unit great is that while it can produce high temperatures due to the focused heat of its ceramic shell, it can also hold low temperatures making it a great smoker. It's the versatility of the egg that makes it stand out as one of the great charcoal grills of our time. With many accessories available there really isn't much this charcoal grill can't do. At around $800 this large grill is for the person who plans to do a lot of cooking.

2. Komodo Kamado OTB 23-inch Charcoal Grill

Komodo Kamado Charcoal Grill - Blue Tile
Komodo Kamado
The history of the Kamado Charcoal Grill is too long and confusing to recount. Suffice to say that when Dennis Linkletter stumbled across these ceramic charcoal wonders, he knew he could make them better. From a reinvention of airflow, spring assisted lid, and laser cut stainless steel parts this is one loaded grill. It includes the EZQ Rotisserie system and the BBQ Guru temperature control blower. Anyone who knows eggs about Kamado grills know that they grill at incredible temperatures and smoke at a perfect low and slow pace. This unit takes it to the next level and does it inside a shell of pure beauty.

3. Primo Oval XL Charcoal Grill

Primo Oval XL Charcoal Grill
Primo Grills and Smokers
In recent years there has been a flood of Kamado style grills on the market. Primo Grill is not one of these companies. Years of experience and hard work have taught them how to make a superior ceramic grill and to offer versatility that no one else has. The Oval XL, the largest of their charcoal grills, is oval in shape and comes with a dividable firebox making indirect grilling quick and easy. There is no other Kamado style grill on the market that offers this. Add to this a thick ceramic shell, quality construction, and you have one of the best ceramic grills on the market.

4. Broil King Keg Charcoal Grill

Big Steel Keg Charcoal Grill
Onward Manufacturing Company
The Big Steel Keg is so closely modeled on the size and shape of the Big Green Egg that grates and accessories are interchangeable, yet this metal version has some truly impressive innovative features and design. Capable of hitting very high temperatures while staying cool on the outside with great temperature control, this grill really is an amazing unit. You can even mount it onto your trailer hitch and take it tailgating, something you would have trouble doing with similar ceramic kamado cookers. While a great grilling grill there are some small problems with the design that might give you issues.

5. Grill Dome Infinity Series - Large

Grill Dome Infinity Series Large
Grill Dome
The Grill Dome Infinity Large offers a large interior space, quality components, and a variety of colors for around $740USD. With an 18-inch diameter cooking grate this grill is comparable to most Kamado Grills. Grill Dome has been in business since 1989 and has made many improvements over the years to make one of the best Kamado Grills on the market. Grill Dome uses a unique material, Teraplex, to make it shells, which are produced in India.
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6. Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe Charcoal Grill
Kamado Joe
When the Kamado Joe was introduced a few years ago it promised to be everything that a Big Green Egg was plus some nice extras like side tables for the same price. Kamado Joe has made some waves and gained a number of distributors, but the price has risen making it as good a deal as the Egg it was modeled after. What Kamado Joe has to offer is a spirit of innovation and a growing number of accessories.

7. Saffire Grill and Smoker

Saffire Grill and Smoker
Saffire Grill Co.
Saffire is another of the new entrants to the Kamado Grill market. What separates this charcoal grill and smoker from most the others is the quality of the components. With stainless steel bands, cooking grate, and nesting cart and a cast stainless top vent cap, this Kamado has better parts and a higher price (around $1,100USD) than comparably sized grills. This 18-inch Kamado has all the capabilities of other Kamados.
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8. Vision Grills Kamado Grill

Vision Grills Kamado Grill
Vision Grills
A Kamado style grill is a very simple thing. Heavy yes, but not complicated. This can make it difficult for anyone wishing to manufacture a Kamado grill and wants to be able to differentiate their product. For Vision Grills this is accomplished by loading their grill with features. This Kamado grill features an electric charcoal starter system (a standard electric starter coil that fits into a door above the bottom vent). It comes standard with a wheeled cart, fold down side tables, dial style vents, and a removable ash catcher. A super loaded Kamado for around $700USD and available in many locations. What this is, is a mass market Kamado grill that looses the simplicity and quality for gadgets.
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9. Bayou Classic Cypress Grill

Bayou Classic Cypress Grill
Barbour International, Inc.
Bayou Classic produces a number of outdoor products including turkey fryers and grills. They Cypress Grill is their entry into the Kamado market and has one particularly attractive feature, its price. Typically selling for less than the better Kamado Grills, this one finds its way into several stores and online retailers. Coming with the standard features you find on other Kamado grills, this one comes standard with nesting stand and side tables.
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10. Black Olive Pellet Kamado Grill

Black Olive Pellet Grill
Sherwood Industries Ltd
The Black Olive is the worlds first pellet powered kamado grill. Combining the insulation and efficiency of a ceramic shell with a pellet burner, makes this a grill that generates high heat while using very little fuel. The problem with the design? The airflow of the grill from the fan powered pellet burner through the vent takes ash directly over food. Many users of this grill are amazed that it seems to produce no ash. This grill does not violate the laws of combustion. Ash is ending up in food, though in very small amounts.
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