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Big Green Egg Mini

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Big Green Egg Mini

Big Green Egg Mini

Big Green Egg

The Bottom Line

This mini version of the popular Big Green Egg charcoal grill gives you the best of two worlds, a great little charcoal grill and a hibachi. The excellent heat holding abilities of the thick body of this grill makes it great for grill and keeps the outside of the unit from becoming too hot to handle. This grill is large enough to grill for two people and small enough to wheel under a table. While it may be too heavy to be a portable it is a perfect grill for the small patio.

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  • Excellent heat control
  • Good, small charcoal grill
  • Solid, durable construction
  • Fuel efficient


  • Very small grilling area


  • 64 square inches of cooking space (9 inches diameter)
  • 30 pounds total weight
  • Complete ceramic body

Guide Review - Big Green Egg Mini

This is the smallest of the Big Green Egg charcoal grills. At only 9 inches in diameter this grill is only large enough to grill a couple of chicken breasts at a time, but is a great little charcoal grill. If you need something small then this is certainly a great little grill. Like the old cast iron Hibachis of the past, this is the perfect grill for a small space and a small dinner table.

The EGG is the most fuel efficient charcoal grill on the market. This unit can be lit quickly and the coals extinguished for use again another time. Because of the ceramic body and excellent vents you can get the heat you need without the outside of the unit getting too hot. And because the heat is kept inside you get an intense fire out of a very small grill. This is one little grill that can deliver a great steak, seared on the surface, rare in the middle.

Of course at around $400 (check current Big Green Egg Prices) this is not the cheapest charcoal grill on the market, but taken care of it can serve generations of college students.

Buying any Big Green Egg online voids your warranty so see an authorized Big Green Egg dealer to buy your Egg.

Looking for something a little larger? Try the Big Green Egg - Small

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