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Huntington Rebel Model# 612364 - Discontinued

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Huntington Rebel Gas Grill Model# 612364

Huntington Rebel Gas Grill Model# 612364

Onward Manufacturing Company

The Bottom Line

Huntington grills come in two flavors, the Patriot and the Rebel. This Rebel gas grill from Huntington is the budged priced version at around $330USD from Cabela's. This is a 4-burner gas grill with side burner, making this a large, but basic grill. What else would you expect for the price? In fact you might say that this is a little too much grill for the price. However, this Onward Manufacturing product is well built, and has most of the features that makes their Broil-King specialty line among the best grills available and at this price, this is a grill that is hard to beat.


  • Quality constructed grill for under $500
  • Good, even heat


  • Under powered side burner


  • Four 10,000 BTU stainless steel burners
  • 444 square inches of primary cooking space with a total of 644 square inches
  • 40,000 BTU maximum output from the main burners
  • 10,000 BTU stainless steel capped side burner under a flush mounted cover
  • Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates
  • Electric (AA-battery) ignition
  • Enameled steel, stainless steel, and cast aluminum construction
  • Fully enclosed cart
  • Propane tank and cover sold separately
  • Made in the United States by Onward Manufacturing

Guide Review - Huntington Rebel Model# 612364 - Discontinued

This model has been discontinued

Huntington Grills is a brand of Onward Manufacturing Company, makers of Broil-King and Broil-Mate gas grills. A Canadian company, they purchased a factory in Huntington IN, to start building a line of gas grills with a big label on the box reading, Made in the U.S.A.

The Huntington Rebel is the less expensive of the Huntington line of gas grills and this model is sold exclusively at Cabela's. At around $330USD this is a 4-burner gas grill with side burner and a standard appearance for modern grills, though this one has some unnecessary stainless steel body parts which limit the quality a little.

The cooking system in this grill is made with standard stainless steel tubular burners under a porcelain coated metal barrier. The firebox is porcelain coated and you shouldn't have trouble with rust for several years. The porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates are a little light but good at generating grill marks and transferring heat.

Packed onto this grill is also a standard side burner, though at 10,000 BTUs it isn't going to produce a lot of heat. Great for warming up a small saucepan or maybe frying a couple of eggs, but it will take a long time to bring a large pot of water to a boil. You can get a rotisserie kit for this grill if you want it, and with the high lid height there is good room for spinning most anything.

User Reviews

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Grease Leaks Inside Bottom Compartment, Member PapaJoe1

BEWARE! We wanted an American Made Grill so we bought one of these at Cabella's. From day one it leaked grease into the bottom compartment making it a real mess to clean up. We verified it was assembled correctly then contacted Huntington customer service for help. After months of back and forth emails, sending explanations, sending pictures, and pleas for a solution we got nowhere. This grill is useless and the customer service is terrible. Do not buy one of these grills!

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