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Brisket Marinade Recipes - Marinades that will make your Brisket

Marinade Recipes that will make your Brisket tender and flavorful whether you want it sweet, spicy or just tasty.

Top 10 Brisket Marinade Recipes
A marinade is the first layer of flavor for a great smoked brisket. Being about the toughest cut of meat on the market, brisket needs a strong marinade to start the process that ends with a smokey, flavorful, and tender slice of barbecue. These 10 marinade recipes are the most popular I have and will help you make the most of your brisket...

Best Odds Brisket Marinade
Marinating a brisket is really a great way to make sure your smoked brisket remains tender and juicy. This marinade will start the tenderization process and work a lot of flavor into the mixture. The best method here is to get a resealable bag large enough to hold the brisket and to make sure you get all the air out of the bag before you seal it.

Achiote Marinade
You should be able to find achiote paste most anywhere. If you have trouble ask. This marinade works great on all cuts of beef and is a great marinade for making fajitas, tacos or any other Mexican dish.

Guinness Marinade
This is a really great, classic marinade, full of flavor and really good beer. You don't have to use Guinness if you don't want to, but you want a really rich dark beer and Guinnes Brand Stout is the perfect beer to provide flavor to this marinade.

Brisket Marinade
Whether you are smoking or grilling your brisket this marinade will make the meat tender and add a lot of flavor.

Easy Brisket Marinade
This is a quick and easy marinade that is great for brisket. It has great flavor and the wine will tenderize the meat and carry the flavors deep inside.

Short Cut Brisket Marinade
This recipe is for those of you who don't have the kind of smoker that will allow you to cook a Brisket for 12 hours. Use this recipe to help tenderize the meat and add a smoky flavor to it.

Smoked Brisket Marinade
A marinade needs oil, acid, and flavor. This brisket marinade gets the sweet and the acid from a couple of cans of cola. You might need to make a double batch if you are planning on a large brisket.

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