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Top 10 Beer Can Chicken Recipes

The best and most popular beer can chicken recipes at Barbecue and Grilling


To get a whole chicken cooked on the grill moist and tender and cooked all the way through can be a challenge. Set chicken on a can and you will not only be able the bird moist, but you will be able to add lots of great flavor while it cooks. These beer can chicken recipes will get you the best grilled chicken you've had in a long time. These recipes work on the basic secret of beer can chicken, use a flavorful spice rub to season the outside of the chicken and to kick up the flavor of the beer.

1. Beer Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken
Jamie McCaffrey/Flickr

This is another variation of the "beer in the butt" chicken recipe loaded with flavor. The rich herb and spice mixture in this beer can will steam the inside with flavor, keeping the chicken moist. This is a simply way to make a great chicken.

2. Beer in the Butt Chicken

Finished Chicken
Derrick Riches

This is the classic beer in the butt chicken recipe. Developed by a couple of guys with too many beer cans and not enough pans. This chicken is moist and flavorful. About the best way there is to cook a chicken. This recipe uses a smoker to slow roast the chicken with lots of smoky flavor.

3. Drunken Chicken

Beer Can Chicken Ingredients
Derrick Riches

Garland Rome's beer can chicken recipe adds crab boil to the beer making this while chicken even more tender and flavorful.

4. Memphis Style Beer Can Chicken

You can never have too many beer can chicken recipes. Here is another delicious one for you to try.

5. Garlic-Lemon Beer Can Chicken

This beer can chicken has a fantastic garlic and lemon flavor.

6. Moroccan Spiced Beer Can Chicken

The combination of herbs and lemon juice along with the beer, produces a tender and flavorful bird.

7. Greek-Style Beer Can Chicken

If you love that lemon and oregano flavor of Greek food, then this beer can chicken recipe is sure to become a fast favorite. You can serve with grilled potatoes, vegetable kebabs, or a simple green salad.

8. Southwestern-Style Beer Can Chicken

You can adjust the heat in this beer can chicken recipe by using either hot, medium or mild chili powder.

9. Herb and White Wine Beer Can Chicken

This recipe calls for wine instead of beer.

10. Creole-Style Beer Can Chicken

This beer can chicken recipe uses a Creole rub on the chicken and crab boil in the beer.
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