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Do you go to Barbecue Competitions?


Rock N Ribs Barbecue Competition

Rock N Ribs Barbecue Competition

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With the competition season winding down to the climatic end at the American Royal. This year has seen records broken in every category from attendance records to the number of competitions. On the other hand I talk to people when I'm traveling to and from one of these competitions and many of them seem surprised to find out that there is such a thing as a barbecue competition. Obviously many people not only don't attend them, but don't even know about them. Now I know that you probably have heard of barbecue contests, but I thought I would throw out the question any way:

POLL: Do you go to Barbecue Competitions?
1) What's a Barbecue Competition?
2) I've been to one
3) Occasionally
4) I regularly attend competitions
5) I follow the circuit like a deadhead
6) I'm a competitor
7) Other

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