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All the recipes and detailed instructions for smoking great barbecue from ribs to brisket to pulled pork, plus other smoked meats from salmon to turkey and chicken.
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Smoking 101
My article on smoking basics.

Aromatic wood smoke enhances flavors and adds the necessary piece to any outdoor cooking. Choosing the right smoke for the right dish is the secret to true barbecue and the best grilling.

Smoking on a Charcoal Grill
Don’t want to buy a smoker when you have a perfectly good Charcoal Grill? I don’t blame you. Here’s how to make the most of your grill and smoke traditional barbecue.

Wine and BBQ
More and more I see people looking to pair wines with grilled and smoked meats. Many of the so called experts seem to lump everything from a grilled burger to smoked pork shoulder into one category, but those of us who know barbecue and grilling are not so easily fooled. Follow some basic rules and match the right wine with the right food to make a better meal.

BBQ Meatloaf
Take that meatloaf out of the oven and put it in the smoker to add flavor and slow cook it to perfection. It will make you love meatloaf all over again. The secret is to expose as much of it to the smoke as possible to get that flavor deep into the meat without overpowering it. Keep the temperature low to let the meatloaf cook slowly and hold in the moisture.

Pit Cooking
Dig a hole. Fill it with fire. Wrap up something big. Bury it all. Now you’ve got the makings for a great meal for everyone you know. Pit cooking is one of the oldest methods of cooking and the prefect solution to feeding an army.

Smoking Chicken
Smoking chicken produces the most tender and flavorful chicken you will ever eat. The low and slow process leaves the moisture behind while adding smoke flavor and whatever you add to the mix.

Cold Weather Smoking
Smoking in very cold temperatures is a common problem of the backyard barbecue cook. There are several tricks you can try to keep the temperature under control and hot enough to smoke, no matter the weather.

The History of Barbecue: Part I
From the first time meat was thrown on an open flame to today's 40,000 BTU grills, fire has been the secret to great cooking. Barbecue is a rich history as much about the gathering as it is about the food and how it is prepared.

True Barbecue
Real Barbecue is not something you throw on the grill, it's an American artform that's older than the United States. Take the low and slow route to a great meal.

Barbecue Leftovers
Fixing leftover barbecue requires almost as much care as it did the first time. Store it and reheat it right and it will be as good as it was when you first took it from the smoker.

Barbecue Ribs on the Grill
Learn how to make real barbecue ribs on a charcoal or gas grill.

Making Jerky on your Smoker
Learn how to make your own Jerky in your backyard smoker. Use your smoker to add authentic smoke flavor to any kind of Jerky then finish it off in the smoker or any other appliance that dries food. Done right, youll get great Jerky that everyone will enjoy.

Brining adds flavor, moisture, tenderness and reduces the cooking time of meats. Question is, why don't you do it?

Building a Fire
The first step of mastering grilling is to master the fire. Learn the secrets of fire building and be a better griller.

Outdoor Food Safety
The great outdoors can add a lot to a meal. Keep your food cold, covered and safe so you dont end up adding something you didnt intend.

BBQ and Wine Pairings
A lot of attention has been paid in recent years to the pairing of wine with grilled and smoked foods. Everything from Burgers to Pulled Pork is being matched up with wines. Unfortunately, many of the people doing these recommendations don't know the first thing about BBQ, but I know you do, so share your pairings for all to see. This way we can put together a great list of the best wines for all…

BBQ Ribs on a Weber
Thought you couldn't get good BBQ ribs off your charcoal grill? Think again. Good ol' Garry gives you all you need to know.

Infusion Technique for Homemade Eastern NC Style BBQ
Find out how you can make traditional North Carolina Pulled Pork.

Pit Cooking
Or how to tell dinner from a whole in the ground. Team Mumu gives us an informative and humorous page, all about cooking in a hole.

Barbecue - Definition - Many meanings for something great
Barbecue definition - Many meanings for somethings great. This contraversial term has come from disputed origins to the modern disputed meanings.

Smoking - Defintion - One of the oldest forms of cooking
Smoking is a process of cooking requiring low temperatures over a long period of time in a smoke filled environment. Smoking is the cooking process of Barbecue

Smoke Ring
A smoke ring is a chemical reaction in meat cooked at slow temperatures. It appears as a layer of pink meat near the surface of barbecued meats. This much sought after affect is believed to show that meat was properly smoked and is true barbecue.

Collagen is a protein that is the basic building block of connective tissues. It's what makes meat toughbut if cooked low and slow it turns into something wonderful.

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