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Top 10 Accessories for the Grill

The best BBQ tools out there to make your grilling easier


You don't need much to be a great griller, but there are a few things that make grilling easier and more successful. There are also a few things you need to take care of your grill. Remember no matter how much you spent a dirt, uncovered grill won't last. These suggestions are intended to help you put together a few of the basics that work, work well and make you a better griller. Remember that these are just suggestions. To be a great cook you need to find accessories that work best for you.

1. OXO Good Grips 16-inch Locking Tongs

OXO Good Grips 16-inch Locking Tongs

A good pair of tongs let you get a good grip on your food. They need to be easy to squeeze, yet bounce back quickly. Good tongs allow you to grip on to small and large items without crushing even the most delicate foods. Good tongs have a gripping edge that holds on but doesn't cut into meats. Find tongs that fit your hand and have enough reach to get deep into your grill without leaving your hand over the fire. Also avoid tongs that are too heavy. If you have a lot of cooking to do you don't want to add several pounds of tongs to the weight of the food you are flipping.

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2. ProAccurate Quick-Read Waterproof Pocket Thermometer

ProAccurate Quick-Read Waterproof Pocket Thermometer
Global Industrial
You can spend a lot of money on an instant read thermometer. But why? This water proof digital food thermometer is quick, reliable, accurate, and best of all it doesn't cost $100USD. In fact, it can be purchased for under $20USD. Use this to make certain those steaks are perfectly cooked, while not running the risk of removing undercooked foods from the grill.
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3. Weber Wide Stainless Steel Spatula

Weber Stainless Steel Spatula
Weber-Stephen Products Co.

A good barbecue spatula doesn't need loads of funny little gadgets on it. I have one that has a cutting blade on one side, a vicious turning fork and an opener for your bottle of beer. Does everything, but isn't good at sneaking under delicate fillets of fish. A good spatula can easily slip under foods to lift and turn. That's all it needs to do, but it needs to do it well, because sometimes things stick and you need to get them up without tearing them apart.

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4. 21st Century 18-Inch Deluxe Fork

HD Design 18-Inch Stainless Steel BBQ Fork
HD Design

Most people will tell you that you should never use a fork on meats that you grill. This is a barbecue myth. If you have a stack of chops to flip the easiest and fastest way to flip them is with a fork. This fork has a good, 18-inch handle and the classic two prone design that lets you hook and flip foods quickly and easily.

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5. GrillPro Black Leather BBQ Gloves

GrillPro Black Leather BBQ Gloves
Onward Manufacturing Company
Sometimes you need to be able to take a hold of something hot. These black leather gloves are heavy duty and made to not only protect your hands, but your lower arms as you reach over the grill. Gloves like these let you handle hot pots, BBQ skewers, and that awkward rotisserie rod easily and comfortably.
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6. GrillGrate

GrillGrate, Inc.
Having trouble with food sticking to your cooking grates? How about uneven heating? These anodized aluminum cooking grates sit on top of your grill grates and provide a superior cooking surface to most units. In addition, a special spatula is included with the set of three GrillGrates giving you a vastly improved grilling experience.
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7. Heavy Duty Spiral Brass Brush

Heavy Duty Spiral Brass Brush
Harold Import

The problem with most "BBQ Brushes" is that they have scrappers on the front that make it impossible to get to the back of the grate. The scrappers can damage porcelain coatings. A good, simple brass brush won't damage your cooking grates but still does a good job of cleaning. This, spiral style, cleans a wide section of the grill and allows you to get to the back and corners of the grill.

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8. Mr. Bar-B-Q 12 inch Barbecue Brush Mop

Super Silicon Angled BBQ Basting Brush
Grill Friends
The word mop became associated with barbecue long ago when large pits of meat smoked slowly over open fires and simple, thin sauces were mopped on with a cotton mop to add flavor and moisture. This small cotton mop is perfect for applying all kinds of sauces and mops to anything on the grill or smoker.
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9. Steven Raichlen Stainless Steel Skewers

Steven Raichlen Stainless Steel Skewers
The Companion Group

Have you ever gone to turn a kebab on the grill and have the skewer turn and not the food? What you need is a good flat blade skewer. Kebabs where invented on Bedouin Swords. A great kebab needs to be held firmly on the skewer and turn with the blade. Look for broad skewers and not those black metal sticks everyone sells. These skewers are large so they will let you load up the kebab with lots of great foods. These are also stainless steel so they won't rust in the bottom of your drawer (yeah, I know where you keep them).

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10. Grill Wipes

One of the secrets to successful grilling is a clean, well oiled cooking surface. Put one of these oil infused grill wipes on the bristles of your grill brush and wipe down our cooking grate. Not only does it help clean off the surface but coats it in a fine layer of high temperature corn oil. A new invention but certainly a necessity for the modern griller.

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