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Top 10 Cole Slaw Recipes

The Most Popular and Best Cole Slaw Recipes


There is so much that can be done with cole slaw that most people simply don't think about. Coleslaw is a traditional sandwich topping in barbecue as well as a side dish. This is truly a versatile salad that can be rich and creamy or light and healthy. These recipes provide almost unlimited opportunity to try out a great coleslaw.

1. Simple Slaw

Pulled pork sandwich served with coleslaw
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Traditional Carolina barbecue was topped with coleslaw long before anyone though to put tomatoes and lettuce on a burger, before there were burgers in fact. This simple coleslaw recipe is perfect for topping off a barbecue sandwich (or even as a side dish). The classic coleslaw ingredients provide the perfect combination of tangy flavors to make to great barbecue.

2. Sandwich Slaw

This barbecue sandwich slaw is dryer than most, making it a perfect topping. The flavors are well balanced and this light coleslaw is perfect on sandwiches or on the side.

3. Napa Cabbage Coleslaw

Napa Cabbage Coleslaw
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Drawing heavily from Asian inspired flavors, this coleslaw is a wonderful side for any grilled dish. So try this side salad out next time you grill chicken, pork, or beef flank steaks.

4. Caesar Red Coleslaw

This is a nice twist to a traditional coleslaw. Remember that the secret to a great coleslaw is to keep it crisp and fresh for when you serve it.

5. Kevin Price's BBQ Slaw

This is a great recipe for "red" slaw, which makes a perfect side dish for anything, but is particularly great for pulled pork. The red in this slaw comes from ketchup, and while that might sound like a strange addition to coleslaw it makes a perfect topping for pulled pork, or any kind of barbecue.

6. South Carolina Coleslaw

Another dryer coleslaw that is perfect for sandwiches. This one contains bell pepper and sweet onion so the flavors are great for topping off a pulled pork sandwich. The dressing is sweet and tart. I suggest making this coleslaw early so the flavors can blend. This is also a great side dish coleslaw for any occasion.

7. Lexington Coleslaw

This is a traditional Lexington, North Carolina coleslaw recipe. It combines cabbage, cider vinegar, and ketchup to make a flavorful slaw that goes perfectly with barbecue pork or chicken. Pile it up as a side dish or put it on the top of a perfect barbecue sandwich.

8. Granny Smith Apple Slaw

This lively coleslaw has a bite from the tart apples making it better than most slaws. There is no cabbage in this salad, so it isn't a traditional coleslaw, but it is delicious none the less.

9. Red Slaw

This coleslaw calls for red cabbage giving it a unique color. This is a great way to add color and flavor to your plate. This light coleslaw has no mayonnaise so this is a healthy choice for a cookout side dish.

10. Everything Slaw

Not only is this coleslaw colorful, but very flavorful as well. The tartness of the Granny Smith apple combined with honey and Dijon mustard makes this slaw truly unique! This is a great side dish for anything that comes off the grill.
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