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First Look: The Ribalizer


Ribalizer Test Forward Image

Ribalizer Test Forward Image

Regarding BBQ Inc. Ribalizer Test Side View

Ribalizer Test Side View

Regarding BBQ Inc.

A few years back Mark Vinci set out to make a great rack of ribs on a gas grill. Not necessarily as easy as it might sound. Gas grills do not hold smoke, so it is hard to transfer that flavor to the food. Then there is the problem of not burning the ribs, while still getting a good crusted surface before the ribs dry out or fall apart. Remember if the bone falls out you are not eating ribs, you are eating slabs of boneless pork.

The fruition of Mark's experiments is this product. The Ribalizer is basically a stainless steel wire rib rack that fits into a standard, disposable aluminum steam table pan (24 x 14 X 8 inch). Place ribalizer rack into one of the pans and load up to six racks of ribs, either spare ribs or baby backs. Place the whole thing on the gas grill over a medium high heat and throw wood chips or chunks on the grill to product smoke (there are several ways to make smoke on a gas grill). Fill the pan with water up to the bottom of the ribs, but not touching. Check occasionally to make sure the grill is as hot as possible without the water boiling. After 45 minutes, top off the water and put another of the aluminum pans on top of the Ribalizer rack. This makes an enclosed oven that cooks the ribs. After 1 hour 15 minutes, the ribs are done. Add sauce if desired.

Conclusion: The Ribalizer actually works. The ribs it produces are tender, yet firm. The meat holds to the bone, but comes way clean when you bite. There is a definite crusted surface and the flavor is not steamed or boiled. Additionally, the Ribalizer is easy to use. Other than checking the water level and putting on the lid, this method is easy and can produce up to six racks of ribs in two hours. Personally, I found the smoke flavor lighter than I would like, but again, smoking on a gas grill is a difficult proposition at best.

Perhaps the best feature is the cost. The special introductory price is $24.95USD and that includes four disposable aluminum pans, enough for three cookouts. You can order more replacement pans at their site as well.

Find out more at The Ribalizer.


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