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New England Barbecue & Grilling

If you are a New Englander then you already know that when you go out back to grill up a steak it's a cookout and not a barbecue like most places. You also know that hamburgers go best with Chourico (a Portuguese style sausage pronounced Sherisse by Bostonians) and kielbasa. You might also know something about barbecue, but if you don’t there’s plenty of good stuff up that way.

Cookouts have been a popular part of the Northeastern United States for quiet a while now, and as such, New England has it’s own traditions. Like I said one of the great things about grilling around these parts is the sausage. There isn’t a better way to cook a sausage than over an open flame. The other advantage that New England has over many places is the seafood. Particularly good are the grilled shellfish like the steamers, mussels and cockles. But you must try the lobster. The New England BBQ Society is a great resource for traditional "southern" barbecue. Dedicated to bringing real barbecue to New England this organization sponsors events and trains the next generation of New England Barbecuers. You can find on there site a list of "Q" joints (as their known down south) where you can get your barbecue fix.

If you’re dying to try the best in traditional style barbecue then there isn’t a better place to go than the Pig ‘n Pepper fest, held on the Kimball Farm in Westford Massachusetts the first weekend of October. Here hundreds of people work to bring good food to thousands of people. If you’re going to be up around the Boston area then you’ll want to catch this event.

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