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Menus and Recipes for the Holidays


For many the traditional Christmas Feast is one of the biggest meals of the year. It is often the one big formal dinner prepared during the year. One of the best things about Holiday Feasts is that it can involve a wide variety of meals. I enjoy planning and preparing these dinners so much, I typically make three. Ironically, I don’t prepare a meal on Christmas Day.

On decorating day, the day we put up the tree and decorate the house, I make a ham. I usually go with a nice big country ham that will serve family and friends but, also leaves abundant leftovers. I look forward to ham breakfasts and piled high ham sandwiches for lunch. Few things in life beat a good ham.

For our big formal dinner I prepare a six or seven bone rib roast. In my opinion a good standing rib roast, cooked over real coals, is beyond fantastic. For me, this means Christmas. I prepare it with Yorkshire Pudding and lots of delicious gravy. I make the gravy by cooking the roast over a drip pan, making sure to add a small amount of water. The drippings fall in and make perfect gravy.

Christmas Eve means seafood, lots of shrimp and crab, enough to keep everyone eating and drinking all night. Served up with all the treats everyone brings and the best rum in the world and you have a memorable party. In my family, we anticipate Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day, which leaves me wondering why I don't grill something upon Christmas Day.

Of course there are lots of other great traditional meals you can prepare for the holidays. Turkey, duck, Pheasant and goose make delicious meals that are both formal and fantastic. The one thing I am already planning on for next year is a rack of lamb. So whatever your plans are this year, I hope you have a safe and happy holiday and an exciting new year filled with grilling and barbecue.

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