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About Ribs

Few Things in Life are Better than Barbecue Ribs


BBQ Ribs on a Plate

BBQ Ribs on a Plate

Regarding BBQ Inc. Beef Ribs on Plate

Beef Ribs on Plate

Regarding BBQ Inc. Preparing pork BBQ Ribs for the smoker

Preparing pork BBQ Ribs for the smoker

Regarding BBQ Inc.

Admit it, nothing says barbecue like ribs. Many try to make them and some succeed, but getting that perfect BBQ Rib can be a real challenge. Ribs, whether pork or beef are basically a thin layer of tough, difficult meat stuck to bone. There is fat, membranes and pretty much everything that can make meat too chewy to eat. The secret to delicious ribs is patient low and slow cooking. Fortunately for you, I have been working for years to put together the resources needed to make great ribs.

Pork Ribs are the traditional barbecue of a large potion of the United States. There are too kinds of pork ribs, spareribs and back ribs (or baby back ribs). Check out these resources:


Beef ribs are good for barbecue. Smoked low and slow, you get a tender and tasty treat that will be a smashing success at your next cookout. Use a sweet or savory rub, a complimentary sauce, and the only problem you will have is finding a platter big enough to serve them on. Really, these ribs are easy to prepare and delicious to eat. The biggest challenge with beef ribs is smoking them long enough to melt away all the connective tissues. Beef Ribs can take longer, but the amount of meat and the size of the ribs are a real belly full.

There are a variety of rubs, sauces and recipes for barbecue ribs as there are people who love to prepare them. If you skim through my list of recipes I am sure that you will find something that sounds perfect for you. If not, then I suggest asking on the Bulletin Board, or dropping me an email. Together we can make the best list of rib recipes on the Internet.

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