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Derrick Riches

Derrick Riches

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Welcome to the Barbecue & Grilling Site at About.com, the most widely read source of Barbecue & Grilling information in the World.

Derrick Riches is a technical writer, industry consultant, and avid backyard chef. Derrick has served as About.com's Expert to Barbecue and Grilling since 1997. Over the years he has traveled around the world and to the deepest enclaves of barbecue. Derrick has judged world championship barbecue competitions, cooked on hundreds of grills and smokers, presented to and reported on the outdoor cooking industry.

Like all the experts at About.com, I'm a real person and you can E-Mail me any time.


Derrick was raised the mountains of the Western United States hunting, fishing, and camp cooking from an early age. During a summer in central Texas, Derrick found barbecue and began experimenting with smoke cooking. But his interest in barbecue goes beyond simply cooking. Derrick's an expert on the history of the open flame and a collector of fire makers and outdoor cooking equipment. He has cooked on everything from a $20,000 Gas Grill to a hole in the ground. He has also written for several publications on everything from custom barbecue design to party planning. He also consults to the grill industry and teaches outdoor cooking classes.

Derrick has been quoted by the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and BBC. He served as Spokesperson for the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association's May is National Barbecue Month. Derrick regularly appears on numerous Barbecue related radio programs, webcasts, and podcasts. See a complete list of Derrick's Media Mentions.


Derrick has attended Culinary School and holds Bachelor's Degrees in History and Philosophy.

By Derrick Riches:

"It is my goal to help you make the most of your first experience with Barbecue & Grilling, whether it is buying a grill, cooking a steak, or smoking a brisket. It is my belief that barbecue, regardless of the definition, brings people together and that with a little help, anyone can be a great backyard gourmet."

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