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How long do you expect your Gas Grill last?


I was over at a friends shop the other day looking around the back room. He runs a fireplace and grill shop and was working on restoring an ancient Charmglow gas grill. This shiny silver unit is several decades old and needs a bit of a clean up before it will grill up any steaks. These days it seems like people are constantly writing me for recommendations on a new gas grill to replace the one they bought a year or two ago. Of course most gas grills being sold these days are built to look good, but not to last. This would imply that there are a lot of disappointed people out there, frustrated by their gas grills. Either that or expectations are very low. Anyway, this leads me to this weeks question:

POLL: How long do you expect your gas grill last?
1) Too Soon to Tell
2) 1 to 2 years
3) 3 to 4 years
4) 5 to 7 years
5) 8 to 10 years
6) More than 10 years
7) Forever

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