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Do You Rotisserie?

By September 18, 2013

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The other day I got an email from an inventor friend of mine who has been working on something really cool for gas grills. Anyway, he was asking about the popularity of rotisseries. Unfortunately there really isn't hard numbers on the usage of a lot of grill accessories for the industry to look at. It would be very useful I think, but no one seems that interested in doing the math, so I thought I would (completely unscientifically) throw out this question about your rotisserie usage:

POLL: Do you Rotisserie?
1) I don't have one
2) I have one, but I don't like to use it
3) I have one, but I don't know how to use it
4) Rarely
5) Once in a while
6) Frequently
7) Every chance I get

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September 22, 2007 at 8:05 am
(1) Mark Rupright says:

I have rotisserie for my Weber 22.5″ charcoal grill and it works really well for chickens and turkeys. I use it every thanksgiving and it has turned out perfect results with almost no effort.

September 16, 2009 at 6:04 am
(2) Greg Rempe says:


I don’t own one, but, I am going to be trying out the Rib-O-Lator here in a few days. It looks kind of interesting…and I always love a good rotisserie chicken from the supermarket!

September 18, 2010 at 8:47 am
(3) phil perrin says:

I had one that came with a cheap gas grill I got at Home Depot a few years ago. Lasy year when I bought my new Weber gas grill from Lowes,it didn’t come with one. I”ve debated whether to get one for it,but it’s been a year,and I really don’t miss it.

September 22, 2010 at 3:19 pm
(4) L. Magelky says:

I have a Weber S-420 and use the rotisserie once every 2-3 months for whole chickens. I would use it more often, but cleaning it is not easy – the bar is almost 4ft long. While the solid bar is very sturdy a 2 piece spit bar would be a lot easier to clean.

September 23, 2010 at 11:20 am
(5) Howard says:

Love the results but most are a pain to clean properly and some are designed by sadists.
If your friend builds a better mouse trap I will come:)

September 14, 2011 at 8:46 am
(6) Blake Carson says:

Rotisserie grilling is the most popular style of grilling in the world except North America. All your questions and concerns about rotisserie grilling are because most people in the US have not grown up around it and grill companies have yet to offer them a rotisserie that is very easy to us and very easy to clean until now! Be sure to check out Carson Rotisseries if you care to learn more about our rotisserie revolution. P.S. Derrick, our third model to hit the market soon is something really cool for gas grills too! Can’t wait to show it to you buddy!!!

September 19, 2012 at 11:36 am
(7) Fred says:

I have two different ones – one for the gas grill, and one I use when camping over a campfire or charcoal. It’s the best!

September 24, 2013 at 7:37 am
(8) Gary Glen says:

Honestly, I just started using mine about 2 years ago. Don’t know how I survived without it!

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