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What Does Barbecue Mean?


What Does Barbecue Mean?

We've been over it dozens of times, but it is still worth talking about. The word "Barbecue" might just be one of the most abused words in the language. For some it's a piece of equipment, like a barbecue grill. For others it is a flavor, like barbecue chips or barbecue sauce. Still others maintain that it is an event. Well the real truth about language is that the meaning of a word is what most people say it is. If one of these meanings takes hold that will ultimately be the really, true meaning of Barbecue. So to see where we stand this weeks question is:

POLL: What does "barbecue" mean to you?
1) A Type of Food
2) An Event, Like a Cookout
3) A Flavor, Like "Barbecue" Sauce
4) A Piece of Cooking Equipment, Like a Grill
5) A Process of Cooking
6) All of the Above
7) Other (Please Specify in the Comments)

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