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First Look: Englander Pellet Grill


First Look: Englander Pellet Grill

I first saw the prototype of this pellet cooker a year ago and it is now, finally on the market. The person behind this new smoker/grill is World BBQ Champion Ed "Fast Eddy" Maurin. Best known for the Fast Eddy line of smokers from Cookshack, Eddy is one of the strongest advocates of pellet technology. Now, in partnership with England's Stove Works, he has produced this pellet cooker with a few unique features. First of all, is the price. For a made in the USA product the around $1,000USD price tag is pretty reasonable and certainly something that will shake up a few other manufacturers, especially when considering the distribution reach of England's Stove works. Second of all are Eddy's patents which include the technology for direct/indirect cooking that this unit includes. By producing a product that includes these patents, Eddy and England can more aggressively pursue enforcement of these patents. Finally, this pellet cooker has something no other pellet grill has, a UL safety certification. While this might not mean much to some people it can be an important factor in sales and distribution for the future.

So, without doing a more thorough testing of how well this pellet cooker works, it is important to point out these features which could make this a game changer for the pellet grill industry. It will be interesting to see how all these factors play out in the next year or two.

For more information go to: England's Website.

Image: England's Stove Works Inc.

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