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First Look: Cajun Express Smoker


First Look: Cajun Express Smoker

Take a look at this one. Built with steel plate, painted black, and propane powered, you would think this was just another grill or smoker. This smoker is surprisingly different. This is a high speed smoker that promises a full smoked brisket in 2 hours and a rack of barbecue ribs in as little as 35 minutes. What this is, in essence is a box inside a box with an airtight door. Between the two is a water chamber. A gas burner heats the water, in turn, heating the cooking chamber with radiant heat and a wood chunk box to produce smoke. The way the plumbing is arranged, as the water heats it draws away from the cooking chamber creating a vacuum, or at least low pressure zone. This expands the meat allowing seasonings and smoke to be absorbed quickly. With a cooking temperature much higher than a traditional smoker (around 350 degrees F.), the food cooks much faster.

The question is, what do you think? Can a low pressure, gas powered smoker produce the same quality of barbecue as the more traditional style?

Made by R & V Works, but you can find it for sale (around $1,000USD) at The Deep Fryer Depot.

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