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Return of the Weber Smokey Mountain 14.5


Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 14.5-Inch

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 14.5-Inch

Weber-Stephen Products Company

Nearly three decades ago, if you wanted a small, vertical water smoker from Weber you could buy the classic and still popular Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5-inch cooker, or the 14.5-inch version (known then as the 1880). This little smoker certainly wasn't going to handle a lot of barbecue, but it could smoke up a chicken or anything else that was small enough to sit comfortable on its 13.5-inch diameter cooking grates and do it without a huge amount of charcoal like the 22.5-inch.  Due to poor sales, the 1880 was last seen in 1983 when it was pulled off the market. Occasionally an old model will show up online only to be snatched up by collectors faster than you can flip a burger. That might all be about to change, if rumors I've heard (from some pretty good sources) are true. Later this year we just might be seeing the return of the 14.5-inch Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. Just so you know how big this will smoker is, it has the same base and lid of the Weber Smokey Joe portable charcoal grill and will stand about 2.5-feet tall.

I will keep you posted about when this hits the market and at what price it will be selling for.

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