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Derrick Riches

Review: Kebroak Charcoal

By June 10, 2010

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I don't typically do charcoal reviews. The guys over at the Naked Wiz do a great job with this and I'm just not willing to take the time to do the level of scientific measurements that they are. So when Sebastian offered me a bag of Kebroak Charcoal I was a little hesitant, but I took a 10-pound bag anyway. I believe that people who buy charcoal are divided into two camps. There are a die-hard few who look for the best charcoal they can find regardless of the price or difficult in procurement, and then there are the majority of people who buy what they have at the grocery store and have never really thought about the performance differences of the various types and brands. Of course if you do a lot of charcoal cooking and have experienced several brands then you know that charcoal matters.

So why does Kebroak charcoal matter? The facts are that this charcoal, like many small brands on the market, is 100% all natural charcoal. It is made from hardwoods from Central America. The makers of this charcoal harvest the wood by pruning existing trees and from downed trees, not by cutting down live trees. The claim is that Kebroak charcoal burns hotter and longer than most charcoals making it a popular choice in restaurants that use charcoal.

What I found was that this charcoal was packaged well and that there was little dust and few very small pieces. Kebroak lit easily and in fact burned very hot and clean. I can't say that it burned longer than many of the other charcoals I have used over the years, but the burn time was certainly good. Testing it out for both high temperature grilling and low and slow barbecue the charcoal performed well and I would have no reservations using it for either application. The lumps were consistent in size without any overly large or too many small pieces.

Several others online also received bags to try out in recent weeks. The Naked Wiz rated Kebroak Charcoal as above average saying that the temperature was above average and the burn time typical of other lump charcoals. They stated that they found no popping or sparking, which is different from what I found. Perhaps there was a slight imperfection in my bag that caused some pretty spectacular sparking for a few minutes during the initial light. Huck's Hut also tested this charcoal and they were very enthusiastic about Kebroak saying that they would definitely buy it again.

Kebroak Charcoal can be purchased online (through Amazon) for prices ranging from $6USD for 5-pounds to $12USD for 20-pounds. If you want to give this charcoal a try I would suggest getting the 20-pound bag. This is charcoal you will use.


June 16, 2010 at 12:35 pm
(1) carolina henriquez says:

Great product, I’ve tried it and it’s great! leaves a wonderful taste on the meats! and I know where to find it in Miami!

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