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9 Minute Marinator


9 Minute Marinator

I've told you about the importance of marinades for many years. A good marinade adds flavor, increases tenderness in meats, and protects foods from the intense heat of your grill. The problem is and always has been that to properly marinated a cut of meat requires time, several hours, meaning you need to plan ahead or not marinate.

To answer this problem we have a number of marinators. Some of these use a vacuum seal to suck out the air, expand the meat, and force the marinade in. Others take it an extra step and put the meat and marinade in a tumble chamber to help coat the meat with the marinade. Typically these units have cost as much as $200USD. The 9 Minute Marinator that I have been playing with as the added feature of being affordable. Running around $60USD this unit is perfect for the person who makes dinner choices late but still wants a good marinade.

The 9 Minute Marinator is simple to operate and while less expensive that other units is still well built. You place the meat (up to 5 pounds) in the chamber, pour in your marinade, put out the air (with a wine bottle pump) and put it on the machine. Push a button and the unit turns for exactly 9 minutes and you are done. You can be heating up the grill in this time and be eating with 30 minutes of starting the whole process.

From my trials I find that the traditional, long time marinade tends to get the flavor a little deeper into the meat, but the time saving function is certainly a plus. For people without a lot of time this is a great gadget. Best of all, everything folds up and stores in the marinating chamber so the whole unit doesn't take up a lot of space.

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