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CharBroil Commercial - bad grates issue


PoodleHeadMikey Asks:

"I have a Char-Broil (so-called ) Commercial unit. (so called ) all stainless steel, propane fired. I bought it 'on the fly' so to speak two years ago. We give out hot dogs for Halloween instead of candy every year. My 'usual grille' is built in at the rear of the house - so I need a moveable unit for Halloween - on the front lawn by the street.

Grabbed this one at Lowe's without prior research. Moderately OK with three cast brass burners. But not really well made - rusting screws, etc.

And now the "stainless steel rod" grates have turned out to be apparently; stainless steel foil over mild steel rods which are a rusty mess after one year.

The replacement grates are apparently solid stainless rods but they are also $235. plus shipping!

I would actually prefer porcelain-over-cast iron grates but Char-Broil only has available plain cast iron and the (now) solid stainless steel units. Char-Broil just seem a little too proud of them for my tastes. Hell; I only paid $350. or $400. for the whole unit - I hate the idea of spending another $250. on it after only two years!

I am toying with the idea of making some 304 stainless steel rod grates myself, but I need another thing on my to-do list like I need a brain tumor.

What do you all suggest? Is there an relatively inexpensive answer? Should I toss the Char-Broil as a bad deal and never look back? What do you all think?"

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