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Derrick Riches

SAVU Smoker Bags

By February 1, 2007

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These Finnish invented smoker bags let you add authentic smoke flavor in your oven. What these are is three layers of heavy duty aluminum foil. The bottom a solid piece on top of which is a layer of fine wood chips (no more than a 1/4 cup per bag). The second layer is a perforated piece of foil that lets the smoke created by the burning wood flecks. Between this piece and the top is a chamber for food. Once loaded up with whatever you wish to smoke, you seal the bag and put it in a hot (475 degree F.) oven or on your grill preheated about as hot as it will do. This extreme heat causes the wood pieces to combust and makes smoke, thereby flavoring the food. Once you've started the smoking process you turn down the heat to a more appropriate cooking temperature for the item you are cooking.

While these bags give you a real smoke flavor and probably one of the best oven smoker alternatives to real smoking, they do have there limitations. Because foods are sealed inside the bag they are steamed, and at a pretty high temperature. Chicken I cooked in one of these bags had a smoky flavor but also a soft skin. I much prefer a crispy skin. Ribs cooked in these bags came out relatively tender but with a more chewy consistency. So while you won’t get the kind of food you would out of a smoker, or at least off a real fire, you do get real, wood based smoke flavor with these bags.

Savu smoker bags typically sell for around $3.50USD and are available online from several sources and in many gourmet cooking stores.

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February 7, 2007 at 12:46 pm
(1) Estella says:

I think that any meat that you cook in these smoker bags turns out so juicey and perfect. and if you first brown the meat on the pan with a litle oil and seasons don’t forget garlic. It will turn out perfect. They sell these bags in Stater Bros. also. I love the way the smoker bags flavor the meat and any vegetable you want.

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