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Oklahoma Joe's exhaust modification


kerrjaster Writes:

"I recently purchased the Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn smoker. I am a newby to smoking. I have read numerous forums on how a lot of people have added an internal elbow coming from the exhaust inside of the smoking chamber to either grate level or below. In contacting the mfg. they said this doesn't do anything. Has anyone out there smoke with and without the modification to see if it really helps? I need all of the cooking space I can so I'd rather not do it if not necessary. I did however put in a 1/4" steel baffle heat deflector that goes down at a 45 degree angle and extends out approx. 2' inside of the box. Should I just extend it all of the way to the other end of the chamber to keep the smoke down(there are holes drilled throughout.. Last question. What about water pans. Are they necessary? Should I just add a valve on the pit and dump water directly into the smoking chamber? Or should the water pan go inside of the fire box?"

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