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kerrjaster Writes:

"I recently purchased the Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn smoker. I am a newby to smoking. I have read numerous forums on how alot of people have added an internal elbow coming from the exhaust inside of the smoking chamber to either grate level or below. In contacting the mfg. they said this doesn't do anything. Has anyone out there smoke with and without the modification to see if it really helps? I need all of the cooking space I can so I'd rather not do it if not necessary. I did however put in a 1/4" steel baffle heat deflector that goes down at a 45 degree angle and extends out approx. 2' inside of the box. Should I just extend it all of the way to the other end of the chamber to keep the smoke down(there are holes drilled throughout.. Last question. What about water pans. Are they necessary? Should I just add a valve on the pit and dump water directly into the smoking chamber? Or should the water pan go inside of the fire box?"



June 10, 2007 at 9:35 pm
(1) Tom Basile says:

I have been using a 20″ Ok Joe,s for 13 years. Smoking meat is an art, and takes a while to get a feel for it. Its all about the wood you use, as far as moisture content and smoke flaver. Its a comon mistake to use wood that is not properly seasoned, or in some cases, too seasoned where it burns too hot too fast. Try laying some tin foil over your meat when your smoking for several hours. This wil keep the bitter smoke taste out. also, get your fire burning, and get the bark burned off the wood and the temperature stable before cooking. If your usin charcoal, you may ned to use water because it will dry thngs out too much, Try using just wood logs, seasoned out of the weather for about a year.pecan is aboundant and is a mild smoke. I usually cover my meat totally except for about the last hour and a half. Experamint a bit, you”ll get the hang of it after a while. i hope this helps Modify your wood, and smoking prodedures, not your smoker….!

January 14, 2009 at 10:46 pm
(2) lil bear says:

I bought a 30 qt turkey fryer and thought it came with the basket for boiling crawfish,however it did not and cant seem to find one anywhere,,,why do they have a 24qt and a 36 qt in stock but not the 30qt? PLease help me find one

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