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Sam's Club Stainless Smoker


joegrod Writes:

"Strolling thru Sams' Club the other day and saw a new product, an upright Stainless Steel, Propane Fueled Smoker, retailing for $598.

I believe it made in Taiwan by Grand Hall the same company that produces the Stainless Steel propane grills sold at Sams".

I was impressed by the solidity of the unit. The door closed firmly against the unit and it that leak (smoke) proof. There are four shelves, wide and deep enough for three racks of ribs each. At first glance, the only downside was the small wood chip drawers.

My wife said that she could hint to my kids that a new smoker might be a great Fathers Day present. I gave it some thought, but told her that I couldn't replace my old Brinkmann offset smoker and the aroma and tatse of food smoked using hickory and charcoal.

Has anyone else seen this unit?"

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