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Vintage charcoal, pellet and gas grills


BBQBandit Writes:

"Just curious about who may own some of America's oldest and great performing antique and vintage charcoal, pellet and/or gas grills. Does anyone own the original Weber charcoal kettle or a Charmglow 1959/60 gas grill? I for my part own a 1950's Hasty-bake, Similar Sears grill made by Big Boy, a 1960's cast-iron charcoal Charbroil, a 1962 and 67 -70 Charmglow(s) and a slew of old Broilmasters, falcons, etc., old Hibachis and similar vintage grill accessories. Also have a 1963 grill buyers guide to confirm age and production dates. What do you own and do you still cook on them and how do they perform compared to what's available now?"

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