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Jenn-Air Gas Grill Repair


RonKiser (RonKiser2) Writes:

"I recently purchased a Jenn-Air Gas Grill Model No. 720-0062-LP.

It is less that 3 weeks old. On the first use, the left burner of the four burners would not shut off. Evidently there is a problem with the valve. I phoned the 1-800 number that is in the very limited manual that come with it. After many minutes of telling the rep what was wrong with it, the sent out a replacement valve for the unit. Great, it came to me real fast.

The problem is, there are not any instructions on how to disassemble and install the valve. I have been to Lowe's on three different occasions for help from the guys that assemble it. Each was of no help. The last said I had to disassemble half the unit of which is completely new. They were of no help.

On the last trip, I spoke with the manger about it and he is planning on calling Jenn-Air. I told him good luck. I had very little.

Normally, I would just take it back, but the problem is it is up on a sundeck that is very difficult to get is back down without having help from 6 strong guys.

Before I do take this back, does anyone have any idea on how to change the valve out? Lowes does not have a clue."

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