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"Fellow BBQuers after struggling in the past with the chore of cooking more than 1 bird at a time and getting away from occasionally buying coolers to hold the bigger birds I put on the old thinking cap and came up with the solution I have been using for the last 5 or 6 years I went to a company who sells Commercial washing machines and from a used junker bought the stainless steel tub. I took it to a welder friend of mine and he made me a plate to cover the mounting holes & dasher hole in the botton . proceeded to weld it in place (watertight)and presto, I had me a "Briner" that will hold 2 large birds or 3 to 4 small Or a whole lotta chickens. yes I do brine those also. This bugger will hold a good 5 gal or so of brine oh, and for a cover? I went and bought a piece of plexiglass 3/8' thick and cut a lid big enough to just fit down in the top of the tub. added a handle and presto I could cover the birds and add some weight if i have to to keep them under the brine. In warm weather I take everything down to my legion post and put everything in their walk in cooler to keep cool during the brining. they are always waiting for some of my BBQ or Jerkey so no problem. If no walkin cooler. Cut about 1/3 off the end of an old round gas tank set the tub inside and pack with Ice. For the Brining problem I have It solved for Me."


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