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kimromalbq Writes:

"Okay, here it goes I'm going to do my first slab of ribs tomorrow (actually 2 slabs). I have all the information printed out from Kevin "competition ribs" and will use that along with Tom's 3-2-1 method.

My question for you all: I have read that it is best to get ribs that are 3 1/2 down, pretaining to weight of each slab. Well, I went to Costco and bought one of those big plastic bags that weighs a total of 8.95 lbs. I am guessing that each slab will weigh in at about 4 1/2 lbs each. Getting to my question, will I need to allow more than 6 hours smoking time at 225~? IF so, about how much longer? I will smoking a small turkey breast along side the ribs. WHich should I place closer to the fire chamber?

Okay, so that was 2 questions, sorry!! Thanks for your help once again,"


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