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Oil Tank Smokers/grills


Milbest1 Writes:

"I want to take a 275 gallon fuel oil tank and make a grill out of it..I have seen many photo's of them here and on other internet sites. However I can't seam to find any detailed information on building them. The tank was kept in a basement and is like new condition and I have drained what little oil that was in it. It's sitting outside right now filled with water waiting for my cutting torch. If any of you guys have any tips for me such as "Do I cut it in half and make 1 huge lid, or do I cut two doors in it?" "what type of hinges do I use?" I was thinking about using those gas operated shocks like you see on the rear of hatchback cars to hold up the doors when they are raised. Will these work mounted on the outside? Any tips you may have are very much appreciated."

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