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Homemade smoker plans!


bdf24 (BDF241) Writes:

"I was at work today and had an idea for making a homemade smoker that I believe would be pretty simple for me. I want one bad and only have two Weber kettle grills. But I just spent around $400.00 on fixing our cars, so I'm pretty taped for a while. I know I had an idea a week or so ago for making one with metal from work. But I thought of a better one today and wanted to run it by you guys to see what you think. Here goes.

Seeing as the kettles are good for grilling I still want to incorporate my 18 1/2" kettle in this for the charcoal pit and for the top. I want to build a square box similar in height to the WSM's out of some cheap wood. cut two big round holes in the top and bottom to set on the bottom of my kettle grill and one to set the cover of the kettle onto. I'll line all of the inside with thin (about 20 thousands thick) stainless steel which I can get from work for about 12 cents a pound. So there will be no wood exposed in the inside. I'll cut two square holes for the doors, one big one for putting in and taking food out. As well as a smaller size door on the bottom for lighting adding charcoal or wood chips. I also think it would be a good idea to close off the lower air intake vents on the kettle bottom and move them up more on the side so the falling ashes don't plug them up like they do now during long cooks. I could have 3 cooking grates plus a water grate in there. There should be plenty of room. I could also add temp gauges at each grate level by drilling holes. Wouldn't take much

What do you think. I have pretty much all the stuff to make this with. Just need to buy the wood and get the steel from work.

I want your opinion. I know I could build it for VERY cheap. I believe the wood on the outside would act as an insulator as well helping to keep a more consistent temp."

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