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Top 25 Hamburger Recipes

Fifty Dollar Ribeye Burger

Since the first fast food joint started turning out hamburgers for the smallest possible price this, greatest of sandwiches has taken it on the chin. We are obligated to turn up our noses at these lifeless, greasy disks and instead seek out the freshest ingredients, the best meats and make our own, greatest hamburgers. These 25 burger recipes are consistently the top of the list on my site here. Consider them a guide to building your own perfect hamburger. After all, with all the variations of meats, condiments, toppings and buns there really should be a burger for everyone.

Barbecues & Grilling Spotlight10

Vermont Castings 4-Burner VCS424

This is a heavy grill with heavy cast iron and stainless steel body parts. The 54,000 BTU output from four stainless steel burners is more than enough to heat the nearly 524 square inches of primary grilling area.

Book Review: Home Smoking Basics

A basic introduction to hot and cold smoking things like fish, meat, and poultry to be used in a wide range of great recipes.

Rosemary Lamb Chops

These mouthwatering lamb chops are marinated in a red wine vinegar and rosemary marinade and grilled hot and fast. A great way to prepare lamb.

Namath Rapid Cooker Review

The Namath Rapid Cooker is a super powered infrared broiler oven specifically designed for tailgating. While an effective cooker, read why you shouldn't buy it.

Grilled Veggie Subs with Garlic-Sage Mayonnaise

This delicious sandwich not only benefits from grilling the vegetables, but contains Havarti cheese and a creamy herb and garlic mayonnaise.

Grilled Veggie Sandwiches with Rosemary Aioli

These grilled veggie sandwiches are served on marbled rye and topped with a refreshing rosemary aoili.

Grilled Italian Sausage Po' Boy

A great recipe for a hardy and flavorful sausage Po'Boy grilled sandwich, with a fantastic mustard-mayonnaise.

Book Review: Paleo Grilling

The Paleo diet is designed around the idea of eating only that which was available to our primitive ancestors making it perfect for the grill.

Infrared: Good or Gimmick?

Does Infrared technology really make a better steak, not to mention chicken, fish or vegetables.

Big Green Egg Prices

The current MSRP price list for all sizes of the Big Green Egg line of charcoal grills.

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